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Antenna performance is always a compromise or trade-off between numerous interacting elements, all of which contribute to the end capabilities of the final design. We are world-leading antenna manufacturers to supply our clients with antennas that provide supreme performance while remaining cost-effective. Clients can face scenarios where it may be advantageous to have a custom antenna designed in order to meet the application’s requirements rather than to adopt an existing product. This may be because existing antennas have low key performance in a particular area (such as gain achieved at a certain operating frequency, poor efficiency, high VSWR, etc.) or that the costs associated with deploying an alternate antenna reduce the feasibility to deploy on a large scale. Miot Solutions Antenna design team has built standard design procedures from many years of experience and thousands of cumulative processes in the art and science of materials science, RF engineering, fabrication processing, and manufacturing with advanced state-of-the-art antenna, measuring, and production equipment to provide professional antenna solutions. Visit


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